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Gallery of completed projects

Take a look at our gallery of completed projects. These are just some examples of our metalworking experience for a variety of applications. We look forward to meeting your specific requirements.

Refrigerated cabinets steel inox

Neutral units steel inox

Refrigerated cabinet with slide-out drawers for ice cream storage

Internal fans for even chilling

Cover for light and temperature control unit

Double glazed door with stainless steel frame

Refrigerated berry container with adjustable control, can be placed inside the refrigerated cabinet

Slotted coin and banknote trays suitable for attaching to a counter

Built-in modules for wooden furniture (open)

Built-in modules for wooden furniture (closed)

Ice cream scoop washers (300 and 400 mm) with water and air taps

Cold drink dispenser, with 12 Volt pump and control panel

Stainless steel cabinet for coffee bars or restaurant kitchens

Mobile in acciaio inox per bar o cucina ristorante.

Stainless steel coffee knock out drawer

Stainless steel drawer with lock

Stainless steel double hopper

Stainless steel cabinet for coffee bars or restaurant kitchens

Stainless steel structure with nickel treatment for bathroom and sauna insulation in hotel rooms

Stainless steel structure for circular benches that will later be upholstered, covered and installed in a restaurant

Stainless steel cabinet with sink and splash guard for washing area

Stainless steel bag-in-box dispenser holder for ice-cream parlours / yogurt shops

Large counter for coffee bars

External and internal stainless steel cladding of refrigerated cabinet

Cleaning trolley made to measure for companies in the food industry, equipped with drawer, hooks (in the upper part) and bucket hooks (at the back)

Stainless steel designer table

Bottle rack structure in electroplated stainless steel

Refrigerated display case with hinged glass panels for easy cleaning

Refrigerated cabinet with internal stainless steel bottle rack designed to hold wine bottles of different sizes and weights (from classic to magnum).

Display case for Bailo Museum (Treviso) with special guides and hinges for the glass panels

Designer table base in polished stainless steel

Counter for pharmacy covered in stainless steel equipped with supports for shelves

Stainless steel frame for compressors or chillers

Stainless steel frame designed to house a glass pyramid

Stainless steel staircase complete with handrail and glass door

Glass staircase with stainless steel sides and handrail

Stainless steel mezzanine floor with attached stairs

Structure in stainless steel for mezzanine

Posts with stainless steel glazing beads installed in a hotel in Algeria

Front in black painted stainless steel made for an ice cream parlor located in the historic center of the city of Goslar (Germany). Note the crates at the top of the structure to contain the motorized drop-down awnings that the customer will install.

Before and after of a stainless steel staircase, delivered to us by a large food company in the area and modified according to requests. Two have been obtained from a single stairway, and the platform has also been reduced in width.

Stainless steel structure for water channelling

Stainless steel support for a wine tank

Automatic bag emptying system for the food industry

Svuota sacchi per industria alimentare

Stainless steel components for the food industry

Stainless steel frames for food processing machinery