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Every detail speaks
of quality and technology

Precision machining of stainless steel and other metals.
No-nonsense reliability for all your projects

Steelco s.r.l. can boast considerable experience in processing stainless steel and metals in general. We manufacture items and décor accessories to clients’ projects for bars, hotels, restaurants, hotels, ships, large-scale industrial plants, etc. using cutting-edge machinery and production technologies.

Flexible, rapid deliveries of bespoke products

Our mission is to meet the production needs of our clients, who are manufacturers of a variety of commodities. We are extremely reliable in completing our tasks and interpreting all aspects of projects right from the start, including constant achievement of the necessary quality standards. Product supply is planned to observe all the agreed requirements. We produce metal items for décor in hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and museums, for the building trade and architects, the shipbuilding industry, producers of metal doors and windows and for the food catering trade.

Precision and accurate workmanship for all processes

The reliable people to turn to for a number of applications

Steelco s.r.l. is highly specialised in welding, cleaning, brushing and finishing different types of metal, especially stainless steel. We mainly work to clients’ orders on metal items and accessories and over the years have gained significant experience in a variety of applications.

Steelco s.r.l. has been on the Italian market since 2001; since its beginnings as a sub-contractor for welding and cleaning stainless steel items, mainly for the shipbuilding and catering industries, it has acquired specific experience in a series of production processes, assisted by the progressive use of the most up-to-date technologies and regularly trained, qualified operators. Over the years it has extended its operations, by virtue of its professional skills entering other industries that use stainless steel or other metals. The products involved, which have become increasingly complex, are made to clients’ specifications or developed on their behalf by the Steelco engineering office. Quality is ensured through constant monitoring of each individual stage in the process so that we can continue to maintain our high standards.

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